I graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 2002. Ever since then I have been practicing massage and Doula work. I always knew I was interested in specializing in Pregnancy massage and along the way of developing my skills I discovered I was an LMP who found great interest in treatment and deep tissue work. I have worked as an independent contractor as well as a sole proprietor in a private setting. I am excited to be offering Holistic Skincare and Sugaring services, in addition to my Massage Therapy practice. I graduated from the well respected Euro Institute of Skincare in April 2014. I am passionate with educating my clients about the importance of self care and leading a holistic way of living life! It's a honor to facilitate one's healing process through healing touch, now I am able to provide services that work with the clients epidermis of the body, especially the face. Living in our world today we are exposed to environmental toxins, emotional toxins and physical toxins. Through nutrition our body can heal and be healthier, which affects our energy, our outlook on life and our skin. The products that I use are free of synthetics, parabens and fillers. I only use organic, sustainably harvested manufactured products, that are essentially food for your skin. The world of Sugaring is an ancient form of epilation(hair removal). It is completely safe, natural and biodegradeable.I look forward to sharing my passion of holistic health with you, my skills and education about healthy skin care practices, massage modalities and my sugaring skills. It amazes me how much I love what I do. I am blessed to be able to truthfully state " I love what I do for a living". I am on a journey that allows me to constantly reflect, move forward, recreate, be present in the now and simply be....enjoying a very rewarding career in the Healing Arts. I am ever curious about learning other modalities and ways of healing self and facilitating the health of others.Finding and maintaining that balance is the journey. Currently, I have my main private practice in West Seattle.

When I am not offering massage therapy, organic facials, sugaring or Doula services, I love to cook, create art of all forms, hike and be with nature. I have a passion for the healing arts and I look forward to continuing on this journey of endless learning and discovery.

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