Vera Botania
Vera Botania's product line represents a pure organic natural skin care line that is result driven. Created with great integrity and passion, by Anne Marie Camenzind, who is the founder of the Euro Institute.

Vera Botania products are unique. The carefully selected ingredients chosen for the utmost beneficial properties, are a blend of Ayurveda, Chinese herbs, aromatherapy and homeopathics. Combined, these ingredients create an exceptionally effective product. The highly rich mineral content ingredient that is used in the "Moor" products of Vera Bontania, is Austrain Moor mud. This is a substance that earth has been producing for thousands of years. It's magic is the richness of nutrients such as: phyto-hormones, minerals, trace elements, humic acid, salicylic acid, vitamins and essential oils.

I believe in Vera Botania products. I trust the design and manufacturing process that creates these beautiful organic blends that offer our skin true healing; through the power of detoxifying, rebalancing and creating vibrancy in our tissue.