Organic Skincare
Our Organic European facial is a completely customized naturopathic treatment that addresses the specifics of your particular skin type and needs. Through our expertise, careful examination and your insight, we tailor each luxurious treatment to maximize your desired results. All European facials include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, mask and massaging of the facial muscles, neck, décolleté, arms and hands.

Proudly using Vera Botania products in our naturopathic facials. These products are free from harmful chemicals and unwanted synthetics, ensuring the most clean and effective ingredients that will make an immediate and lasting improvement of the overall appearance and texture of your skin. You’ll leave looking radiant and feeling rejuvenated.
30 Minutes: $45
45 Minutes: $60
60 Minutes: $85
75 Minutes: $95
90 Minutes: $120

Specialty Facials:
Anti-Age facial focuses on reducing the appearance of fine lines, increasing toning, hydration, cellular turnover and circulation. This facial incorporates the use of high frequency and galvanic currents which tones and stimulates the epidermis, use of an ampoule of choice, lymphatic drainage(tuning forks) which rids of unwanted toxins and a Collagen fleece mask with paraffin, which encourages plumping of your skin .
You will see the results and feel amazing! -$140

Vitamin C facial is a highly antioxidant focus treatment for skin that is dry, exposed to outdoor environment and maturing. Using Vitamin C ampoule, Vitamin C fleece mask, antioxidant serum and lymphatic drainage.
Your skin will produces look more refine, radiant, and well nourished. -$130

Acne Deep Cleansing facial focuses on a deep pore cleansing, an intense Salicylic acid exfoliation which is removing impurities from congested pores, soothing antiseptic steam, extractions, moor mud mask, which draws out toxins and the use of the antibacterial properties of high frequency current.
Your skin will feel softer, smoother and less irritated. -$120

Body Care
Moor Herbal Mud Wrap -$110
Coconut Lemongrass Sugar Scrub -$110
Customized Back Facial -$75

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