Benefits of choosing sugar paste for hair removal (epilation)
Sugaring: removal of hair by the roots, providing lasting smoothness and finer return of hair growth, potentially can lead to permanent hair removal. An all organic, local and fair trade sugar paste is applied to area of service. Sugar is a natural glycolic, meaning it acts as an exfoliant to the skin. Sugar is completely natural and biodegradable. It seeps deeper into the hair follicle allowing a deeper grasp on the deep rooted bulb, removal of hair is effective and safe.

The sugar paste is room temp and will heat as it warms to clients body temp of skin. The sugar paste is healthy for the skin as well for the environment. Sugar paste only adheres to dead skincells and hair, allowing for greater success of hair removal, less irritated skin, smoother skin, less hair growth due to the ability of deeper seepage into follicle extracting hairs at the 3 different stages of growth: antegen, catagen and telogen. Sugar paste is locally made in Seattle, WA and is free of dyes, resins, and chemicals. Please read and follow all pre and post care.

Sugaring Rates:
If client maintains return service between 4-6 weeks they receive the discounted rate.

Full face (cheeks, brows, upper lip, chin):$55/$45*
Brows: $25/$20*
Upper lip: $18/$15*
Brow/lip: $35/$30*
Chin: $18/$15*
Cheeks: $18/$15*
Ears: $10

*Rate variation depends on how much hair growth presents at initial visit*
Full back (back/torso, neck, deltoid cut, just above clavical): $60-$100/ $50-70*
Back only: $60-$80/$50*
Full arm: $55/$40*
Lower arm: $45/$30*
Under arm: $30/$25*

Brazilian: $75/$60* Removal of all hairs, including labia and between bumbum. Can create design of your choice (strip or triangle)
Extended bikini: $50/$40* Removal of hair between bum bum, 2 inches hair removed from upper thigh, as much off pubic bone as desired. Leaving hair on labia.
Basic bikini: $40/$30* Creating a perfect swim suit line
Bum bum cheeks: $30/$25*
Inbetween bum bum: $25/$20*
Bum cheeks and inbetween: $45/$35*

Full leg: $100/$80* Includes basic bikini, feet & toes
Upper leg: $60/$45* Includes basic bikini
Lower leg: $50/$40* Incudes feet and toes

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