Healing Roots Specialized Massage
Offering therapeutic massage through well experienced healing hands. You can expect to experience a combination of various techniques within your next session. Each session is modified to what each body is needing. A blend of techniques are offered to ensure optimal results. From relaxation to treatment and deep-tissue massage, Krista will provide the needed modalities to de-stress yoru mind & body.
$60 / 30 minutes
$95 / 60 minutes
$105 / 75 minutes
$130 / 90 minutes
$170 / 120 minutes

Heated Stone Massage
Letting these hot stones do the work as you breathe deep, letting go of unwanted physical and mental tension. Incorporating warm towels, aromatherapy of your choice and these heated rocks allow for a deeper relaxation and a more effective muscle tension release. Aaahhhhh.......
$115 / 75 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
Swedish techniques used for relaxation along with specific modalities that assist in relieving the low back, piriformis syndrom and IT band discomfort. Focusing on the momma's ever-changing body.
$105 / 75 minutes
$130 / 90 minutes

Other Services

Energy Work: Reiki
Using the Usui system, I act as a conduit while holding a sacred space for the body to "self-heal." We are all made of "Chi" or "Ki," pure energy, a life force. Reiki allows the body and mind to go into a deep relaxation, often a slight sleep, dreamland, a place where the mind and body releases, letting go of stagnant energy that does not serve you.
$40 / 30 minutes
$70 / 60 minutes

In-Your-Home Massage Services
By referral only. A $35 fee is attached to any length of service in the Seattle area.

Chair Massage Services
Great for any indoor or outdoor event, corporate parties, staff appreciation, fundraisers, retreats and more.

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